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Medical Tubing Manufacturer

Arrow Medical assembles medical tubing manufactured within the Forefront Medical Group;  cutting-edge small diameter tubes for non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic devices, as well as massive, thin-wall blown tubing for protective sleeves. For a wide range of medical device applications, in-house material formulation, tool and die production, trial extruders, and production equipment are offered. Our testing and validation experts verify that all tubing meets the performance and regulatory criteria for medical devices that are on the market. We are one of the well-known medical tubing suppliers in the United Kingdom and internationally.

Our Medical Tubes

Assembly takes place within an ISO Class 6/7 clean room in accordance with ISO13485:2016 QMS, with an extremely stringent quality control process and internal physical, chemical, and biological tests. These items will be employed in interventional cardiology, interventional radiology, vascular surgery, anesthesiology, urology, gastroenterology, pulmonary medicine, orthopaedics, paediatrics, and gynaecology, among other fields. We are well-known for producing a wide range of medical tubing, Coiled or Braided Shafts, Catheters, Stents, Introducer Sheaths, and Dilators, as well as OEM products such as Cardiovascular Introducer Sheath, Angiography Catheters, Guiding Catheters, Steerable Guidi Catheters, and Steerable Guidi Catheters.

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Why Choose Us

As one of the renowned medical tubing suppliers, we provide a variety of thermoplastic tubes and disposable medical products to a wide consumer base. Our medical and surgical tubing solutions have superior mechanical, thermal, and chemical qualities, making them suitable for use with a broad range of medical instruments. We are delighted to be a highly specialised medical tubing manufacturer. We are delighted to be a highly specialised medical tubing manufacturer, offering a diverse choice of medical-grade plastic tubing to businesses worldwide. Our quick and efficient manufacturing procedures, high-quality goods, and unique designs enable us to continually match or surpass customer expectations. Whichever the length, size, or thickness, we provide long-lasting tubes that are perfect for use in medical applications and are custom-made to each customer’s needs.

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We are also willing to take your order directly if you are an independent health care practitioner, hospital, or medical supply wholesaler. For further information, please contact us.