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Anaesthesia, quality supply chain complex contract medical manufacture

Arrow Medical has supplied the Laryngeal Mask Company (LMC) since 1989, and has built a reputation for quality and fast response to changing requirements.

Today Arrow Medical works closely with LMC to assemble complete Laryngeal Mask Airways™. This includes supply chain management of components sourced from Singapore and the US, and logistics management to the customer’s European distribution centre ready for supply to global markets.

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Arrow Medical manufacturer of the LMA system for 25 years

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DVT ( Deep Venous Thrombosis) fabric assembly product life testing

The Impad is part of the AV Impulse System used to improve blood flow and combat deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Arrow Medical supplies complete precision textile assemblies. This includes sewing, RF welding, packaging and secure airline storage prior to despatch to the customer’s shippers.

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Manufactured to the customer’s specification and tested in-house


Safety critical contract medical manufacture

Following investment in silicone injection moulding, Arrow Medical won a contract for manufacturing and assembling various intricate parts for breathing apparatus for a world leader in the field.

This involved complex life critical assemblies using overmoulding techniques to combine soft silicone base polymers with hard injection moulded materials and metals.

A variety of other rubber and specialised synthetic polymers are also moulded and assembled to the customers’ specifications.

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Supplied to an international leader in the field of safety technology