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Production facilities of 20,000 sq ft made up of 6 industrial units which include three cleanrooms for the assembly of Class 1, 2A, 2B and 3 medical devices and Class 6 facilities, certified to ISO 14644-1:2015

CLEAN ROOM ASSEMBLY of instruments and critical devices is carried out in Class 6/7 units with manual and semi automated assembly, sterile packaging. We can provide labelling and logistics, product validation and pre-production trials.

We have dedicated facilities for the manufacture of high quality SILICONE INJECTION MOULDING and CLEANROOM SILICONE MOULDING. Our facilities include liquid silicone rubber systems, compression and injection moulding for components and small parts with over-moulding.

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Production is available for combinations of rubbers, silicones and a variety of other polymers and semi-rigid metals.

Our TEXTILES ASSEMBLY uses the latest sewing techniques, precision assembly, cutting, welding, adhesive bonding and sealing using films and advanced fabrics.

We have facilities for RF (RADIO FREQUENCY) WELDING, cutting and forming of PU and PVC with complete assembly of multi layers, pressure testing and process validation.

We also carry out labelling including bar coding, full traceability and process validation.

We can provide design and development assistance with our outsource partners.

Recent investment in production includes new cleanroom assembly & production space.

More RF (radio frequency) plant has recently been installed.

Packaging, labelling & printing has speeded up with a new fast thermal drying facility.