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Medical Moulding UK 

The medical sector’s demand for high-quality medical injection moulding parts and equipment is increasing. Technological breakthroughs and innovations necessitate the development of more complex medical techniques and devices. When it comes to injection medical moulding for the medical and healthcare sectors, Arrow Medical has an exceptional reputation for quality and durability. Our products are utilised in a variety of applications in hospitals, clinics, doctors’ surgeries, pharmacies, and healthcare facilities in the UK and around the world.

Medical Injection Moulding

Our medical injection moulding UK and tooling teams can create any type of medical device, instrument, or component, from the smallest widgets to large-scale, sophisticated assemblies. We provide a comprehensive manufacturing process that is adapted to the specific demands of our medical sector customers and is delivered over three shifts that work around the clock, five days a week. The process begins with a thorough customer briefing, following which a full specification is generated and a design and manufacturing plan is created. We can give informed suggestions about tooling configuration and material choices to produce the best outcomes once we know exactly what is required. We then create 3D prototypes that allow us to make additional changes to the design.

Medical Injection Moulding

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Our highly skilled team of engineers and manufacturers has refined their abilities and polished their understanding through close collaboration with R&D specialists and medical device pioneers to assist them to learn new methods to offer medical treatments utilising the innovative medical moulding UK-based techniques for which Arrow Medical has become recognised. To assure superior performance, all of our products are designed and produced to rigorous industry standards using high-quality plastics and polymers. We make it a point to stay current on all of the latest breakthroughs in thermoplastic technology. This commitment to quality may be seen in the variety and durability of our work.

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