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LSR Injection Molding

Our comprehensive method of Liquid Silicone Rubber injection molding is built on collaborating with customers to develop creative solutions based on their specific specifications and requirements. Our capability ranges from Breathing Apparatus components to engineering concepts and medical devices. We rely on in-house machinery and innovative process engineering to increase quality and assure consistent delivery of high precision while providing our customers with the lowest ownership costs. A liquid injection moulding (LIM) process can be used to manufacture liquid silicone rubber (LSR). The liquefied raw material is combined in a 1:1 ratio from two distinct components before being pumped into a heated mould using a cold-runner method. Curing occurs in a matter of seconds, allowing for rapid cycling and large-scale production.

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is the material of choice for injection moulding applications. The silicone backbone is made up of repeating Si-O chains that are exceedingly flexible in nature, giving this chemical structure exceptional qualities such as a wide working temperature spectrum, durability, hydrophobicity, bio-inertness, electrical insulation, and a long life span. The quality of the material used can be a matter of life and death in the medical industry. LSR, which has been used since the 1970s, is quickly becoming the preferred material for the creation of medical items and devices. LSR is a thermosetting plastic that is highly flexible and comes in a variety of compositions and hardnesses.

liquid silicone rubber injection molding

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Liquid Silicone Rubber injection molding is great for manufacturing complicated geometries and can condense numerous functional aspects into a single product due to its design and tooling flexibility. It also provides considerable benefits in terms of product dependability and total cost of ownership. Arrow Medical can handle your high-volume, long-term programmes that require LSR components. We offer solutions for all stages of production, from design and prototype to manufacturing. Our decades of combined experience, cutting-edge process technology, and strong quality processes propel us to the top of the industry.

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